textile Trousers for the taller rider!

If like me you're a giant and have very long legs (34" inside leg) you are going to struggle to find a decent pair of waterproof warm textiles, then check out these TEXPEED trousers!  
Last year I spent a long time looking, none of the branded big names offered a long enough pair or they were far too expensive for my needs, so I took a risk and went for something what you would class as very budget! 

Texspeed Motorcycle Trousers, ideal for tall people! 

Now I must admit they are not exactly the most flattering of trouser, but they are warm comfortable and waterproof idea for that winter commute!
They come in inside leg measurement up to 36", which is what I have, and you dont get any gather behind the knees or them riding up your legs!

Considering that these are very budget in that they are kinda goofy looking, they come with a good spec, and a 6 month warranty.
You get proper CE armour in the knees, you can also replace the CE armour with something higher market.

Mine lasted me a whole year before I killed them on an enduro event (I burned it on the exhaust of my CRF 250) but they remained waterproof!

They are comfy dry and warm, plus they have some natty water proof pockets!
I would recommed to the taller rider on a budget