how to apply ACf-50

When it comes to winter riding protecting your bike is very important, especially when the roads begin to get gritted.
It’s not just your chain a sprockets that need protecting its the rest of the bike too, so I recommend this stuff……… ACF-50 

ACF-50 Bundle, this is what I buy

The best time to apply ACF-50 is around the end of September/October just before the bad weather really sets in. Although you can apply it as many times as you want, but applying after a wash when the bike is fully dry is best!

ACF-50 is not necessarily cheap, but a small amount goes along way especially if you buy this bundle from the Be aware though that you need to fill up the small spray bottle from the large one, so a funnel comes in handy!

My Yamaha MT-01 After a good clean and application of ACF-50 

After you have given the bike a good thorough wash and dry (i recommend one of these to blast out water from the nooks and crannies) 

Check out the dedicated dryers at 

You can then begin to apply your ACF-50, but before you do cover your wheels, brakes, grips and foot pegs. You really don’t want this stuff on them! Its a good idea to put your bottle in some warm water for about 5 minutes before applying it just makes it a bit less gloopy!

Where to apply

Where not to apply

Spray the ACF-50 all over the bike remember its a bit gloopy and get’s everywhere so make sure you do it outside or cover things up!

Once you are happy that you have got the ACF-50 into all the important bits on the bike, go over with a clean rag just mopping up the excess.
I get a small “clean” paint brush and dab a bit on all the exposed bolts!

My bike has polished rims so I like to go over those with a rag covered in ACF-50!

Once applied run the bike up to temperature this will allow the ACF-50 to get in all the gaps you may have missed, don’t worry about any smoke a small amount will burn off!

Now you are ready to ride your bike through the horrible winter months!
It’s still a good idea to rinse off the bike and re-apply where necessary!!!

Where to buy?