Yamaha MT-01 TPS

The Yamaha MT-01 is a big lumpy engine and as a result sometimes can feel a bit cumbersome. When I first got the bike I just put this down to it’s quirks and characteristics, however as time went on those “characteristics” became a problem. One of the main issues was the engine completely loosing power for a few seconds, dangerous mid corner and nightmare is accelerating hard! After some research I found out that the issue is the TPS or Throttle Position Sensor, these were actually replaced under warranty on quite a lot of Yamaha’s but mine got missed.

Buy a TPS for the Yamaha MT-01 here 

Symptoms of a faulty TPS

Engine cutting out
Poor idle (hunting)
Miss fires
Unable to hold a speed
So I found out the issue seemed to be my TPS that was faulty so I set out to replace it, I purchased one from Fowlers Motorcycles Yamaha Part number 3P68588500

Once I replaced the TPS the bike was totally different pulls harder, smoother through gears and obviously now not missing and cutting out.

I have noticed better fuel economy and able to hold a speed better no constantly adjusting the throttle. 

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